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Make 8-18% On 1st Deeds of Trust  

Over $40,000,000 Funded 

Our Investor Has Never Lost Any Money 

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I found that this is a quick way to earn 12 percent on my money. Don’t know where else you could get such a nice return on your investment” – Joan 

I’ve done 3 deals and I love the 12% on a secured investment.” – Donna 

I was scared and not certain about the deals, but when I talked to my attorney I realized the investment was safe and secured, I was ready to go” – David

Make 8-18% On 1st Deeds of Trust

When You Invest In Trust Deeds You Receive The Following:

  • Mortgage Summary of the Trust Deed Investment 
  • Notarized Assignment of Deed of Trust to you Promissory Note 
  • Personal Guarantee from borrower 
  • Title Report for the title company 
  • Lender Title Insurance ALTA Policy 
  • Homeowner insurance with you added as the additional insurance 
  • Mortgage Application of the borrower 
  • Credit Report of the borrower 
  • Appraisal from independent, certified appraiser or a CMA or BPO 
  • Mortgage Serving Agreement

Why be a Trust Deed Lender?

  • Your Trust Deed investment is secured by real property not a promise from the bank or the government. 
  • You can go look at your Deed of Trust Investment. Go drive by and see the actual property. 
  • You have a good equity position in the property, typically 30-70% of value. 
  • The payments go directly to you. 
  • You are getting a very good return on your Trust Deed Investment when compare to the bank. 
  • You are in 1st position on the Deed of Trust. 
  • You have a personal guarantee from the borrower in the Trust Deed Investments. 
  • The property is protected by Hazard Insurance. 
  • Your title is protected by a Title Policy. 
  • You are in control of your investment.

How Does the Process Trust Deed Investing Flow? 

  • Once we have a verbal agreement from the borrower(s) and you the Lender to do the Loan, we will create the Loan Package to complete the transaction. 
  • The Title Company will prepare a preliminary title report for you review. 
  • Level 4 Funding LLC will complete the Loan Servicing Documents
  • Servicing will know which bank to send the payment to. 
  • The Title Company will contact you with wire instructions to wire your funds to title. You as the Lender will have your bank wire the funds directly to the Title Company. 
  • The Title Company will have the borrower(s) sign notarize all documents and record the Deeds and Deeds of Trust.
  • Once completed at the Title Company, the Title Company will send us the Original Signed Documents within 24 hours. The Title Company issues a Title Insurance Policy and send it to you directly, but can take up to 30 days. \
  • We will make copies of the documents for our files and forward the Original Signed Documents to you via UPS. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Lender (you) get paid? The borrower(s) makes the monthly payment to Evergreen Loan Servicing, who will process the payment and send the payment directly to your bank via a ACH Wire Transfer “Direct Deposit”.  

How fast do you get paid? If the borrower(s) pays on time your payment should be in your bank account within 3 days.  

Are there any deductions to the payment? No you receive all of the payment directly to your bank.  

Can you, the Lender process the Loan yourself? Yes, you can. However I do not recommend that you do it. The Loan Service will handle any problems collecting the funds and will contact the borrower(s) when they do not pay according to the agreement. The fees for processing the Loan are paid by the borrower(s) and are no cost to the Lender.  

If the borrower(s) is late do you, the Lender contact the Borrower? No, that is what Loan Servicing handles for you. The Loan Service will impound for taxes and insurance and make the timely payments for taxes and insurance.  

Can the Lender use another Loan Service? No, not on the setup, but after setup you can change the service. If you want to move your Loan to another servicer you can. The cost associated with the transfer is your responsibility.  

Does Level 4 Funding LLC receive compensation from the Loan Service or Title Company? No.  

Can Level 4 Funding LLC process the Loan? No. As mortgage brokers we are prohibited by State Law from Loan Servicing.  

Can the lender (you) make money if you foreclose? No, if there is a foreclosure and the property is sold the proceeds from the sale go to you the lender but only up to the amount owed for principal, past interest, and fees. Typicall the default rate is 29%, and you make this rate during the foreclsure. Any remaining money goes to the borrower(s). Lenders have never lost any principal or interest on any deal.

How long does it take to foreclose? On commercial loans the minimum time is 90 day.  

Who is the Trustee on the Deed of Trust? It is First American Title Insurance Company, a Nebraska Corporation P.O. Box 2922 Phoenix, Arizona 85062.  

How may foreclosures where there to loans created by Level 4 Funding? Over the past 3 years three loans resulted in foreclosure. Lenders have never lost any principal or interest on any deal.  

Is your Invetment at Risk? Yes, call me to disusss the detiils. Lenders have never lost any principal or interest on any deal.

What is the Mortgage to Value or LTV of a Deed of Trust Investment? The LTV or Loan to Value ratio is the ratio between the Loan and the value of the real estate, pledged as security, which is expressed as a percentage.  

This is referred to as the Loan-to-Value Ratio:  

Loan = $225,000 Value= $650,000 LTV= 34.6% ($225,000 divided by $650,000)  

This means that the Loan, expressed as a percentage to the value of the property is 34.6%. The higher the Loan-to-value ratio, the greater the lending risk because the protective equity declines as the LTV increases.  

Example: A single-family home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths is valued at $425,000.  

If we are making a 70% LTV, the Loan is $297,500. ($425,000 X .70 = $297,500) The difference between the value of the property and the Loan is $127,500. This is referred to as prot